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National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Sends Delegation to USTB

       On January 7 the Vice-President of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Fan Guoshu, and four colleagues visited USTB. The delegation was met by President Zhang Xinxin, who was accompanied by Secretary Liu Xiaodong, Associate Dean Professor Yao Jun, and others.
       President Zhang welcomed the guests and gave a presentation introducing USTB which included information on the university’s recent accomplishments, significant achievements, collaboration with Tata Steel, etc. He emphasized the great importance to USTB in maintaining strong relationships with Taiwanese universities and continuing to engage in student and academic exchanges, as well as other areas of cooperation.
       Vice-President Fan thanked the assembly for the warm welcome and congratulated USTB on its achievements. He went on to introduce the concept of an “entrepreneurial university” and invited USTB to participate in an upcoming cross-strait summit to discuss the subject, and expressed his hope that together the universities could improve the concept with innovative ideas.
       The two sides also discussed ways the universities could cooperate in the future, such as engaging in further student and staff exchanges, as well as cooperating in research.
       After the meeting Vice-Present Fan visited Laboratories of Civil and Environment Engineering School.




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